Wintertime Car Seat Safety Tips

In a country like Egypt I find that car seat safety is taken very lightly giving our roads and the people driving around us. So I've put together some car seat safety tips for you.

1. Always take off the coat

It may seem counterintuitive and like extra work to put your baby in a coat to walk to the car and then take it off to put him in his car seat. But that bulky coat is too much material between your baby and his car seat straps. You’d have to loosen the straps to buckle him in, and if you’d get in an accident, that material could compress and then your baby may not be secure in his car seat. It risks him being injured. So that extra effort to put on, take off and put on his coat again—it’s worth it. 

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2. Use our poncho or a blanket over the buckles

A blanket or the poncho can keep your child warm in the car, but never put it between your baby and the car seat straps.

3. Keep your little one rear facing as long as possible

The minimum recommendation for rear facing is 2 years, but it is recommended that if you can, and as long as you can you should keep them in rear facing. Not before they are 76 cm and until they are 105 cm they can stay rear facing, it's safer for them.

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