Old habits to live by in winter for the little ones

It's winter and it's cold. We as mothers are always on the look out. Is my little one cold? Is it risky taking her/him out in this cold? 

Here are some tips that might help you get through this winter.

1. Giving them a sip of water before going out

Moving from room to room, different kind of temperatures, and especially from indoors to outdoors or vice versa, make sure to give your little ones a sip of water to help regulate their temperature.

2. Put water on baby's nostrils before going out

Same idea as before, helps them regulate their temperature between the inside and the outside temperatures.

3. Bath them daily

If it's been part of your routine don't make it stop because it's cold, keep it warm and quick, they will thank you later. We recommend a bath each night to help your baby wind down and get ready for sleep.

4. Include soups in their diet

Soups can be as nutritious as a simple meal. Not only will it make them warm but it's nutritious for them! Get to the kitchen mama, and they can even help you cook today's soup with our foldable learning tower! 

Do you have more tips? Share them with us!

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